Enonic Repository

Welcome to the Enonic artifact repository. Every artifact we deliver are stored inside the Enonic repository. Each artifact has access rights. Not every artifact can be accessed by everyone.

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We host 3 different repositories here. One is for everyone (public), the second is for our customers (enterprise) and the third is for internal use (inhouse).

The old link (http://repo.enonic.com/maven) to the public repository will also work. This will just redirect to the new location.


All our artifacts are managed by Artifactory. You will have access to this instance if you are inside our firewalls. Artifactory instance is located at http://repo.enonic.com/artifactory. If you feel that you need more rights, please send a email to operations.

Using Maven?

To use this repository, you have to configure Maven so that it knows about the repository. Here is the snippet:


For more information about maven, please read their website.

Or using Gradle?

If you are lucky enough to be able to use Gradle, please set up the repository like this:


To read more about Gradle, please read their website.